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Stereoscopy in 3ds Max with StereoCam Modifier

A nice article found in "The Area" (area.autodesk.com).
Its for 3D Studio max but the process is i think same for other softwares. And also it is exactly the way i used for the render i presented last time ~ enjoy :

>> http://area.autodesk.com/blogs/louis/stereoscopy_in_3ds_max_with_stereocam_modifier

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crown / Haitai Korean Traditional Music Performance

Performance. 27th Feb 2010 starting at 7.00pm

국립극장 - Performance. 27th Feb 2010 starting at 7.00pm

The whole performance will be 1hour 30 minutes in duration approximately.

It will be performed by five or six people. The idea is that each performer will be alone on the stage and behind them will be our synchronized projection.



You can download music sources at webhard.co.kr

ID: haitai
PASS: 1234

>> go to 대보름명월전(folder) <<

People and Costs

1 - Dave – 3D Animation
2 - Boram – 3D Animation
3 - Jinwoo – Flash Animation and intros
4 - Minwoo – 3D Animation
5 - Soyeon – 3D Animation
6 - Sohyun – 3D Animation
7 - Sunghyun 3D Animation
8 - JC - 3D Animation

Seven 3D Animators producing Seven 3 minute sequences.

At the moment the budget for each person is 1.2 million Won.
This is not allot for an animation of this length BUT I think I can push for
more AND this is just a first step an it a one night only thing.

Also as this is non commercial it should be possible for you to experiment with a portfolio piece etc etc.


Format and Duration

16:9 ( All sequences should be rendered to this in square pixel.)
As its animation I think we should go for 1280x720 as the dimensions.
( Although I am not sure of the projectors max resolution.)

15,000 ANSI Barco Projector.

Animation And Anaglyphic Projection

You can download a 3D tutorial at webhard.co.kr
ID: haitai/p: 1234 go to 대보름명월전(folder)

File - tutorial_Stereoscopic.3D.In.Maya-NoPE.rar

Password is - media ( with a lower case m )


Animation Content

The content should be abstract and as digital / modern as possible to contrast with
The traditional costume and sound of the players.

The actual nature of the abstraction is up to you off course, but experimental and glitch should be hi priorities. If you have any reference for inspiration ( image or vimeo ) please post to the blog.



Time line.

I would like to meet everybody together at my
place in Hyehwa during there dates.

Stage One – Concepts and Story Board Wednesday 3rd Feb. 7pm
Stage Two – Initial Playblasts and Rendered stills Saturday 6th Feb. 1pm
Stage Three – Intermediate Saturday 13th Feb. 1pm
Stage Four – Final Rendered Sequence. TBA
Stage Five – Assembly and adjustments. TBA

Stage Six – Performance. 27th Feb 2010 starting at 7.00pm